Road trips through the Columbia Cascades

Be curious and explore the loops and corridors surrounding Route 97 in the Thompson Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada, and North Central Washington, US.

Road Trips

Travel through vast grasslands, wide valleys, along rivers and lakes, and to the Rocky Mountains. A road trip on Route 97 or along one of its loops or corridors offers endless opportunity for adventure.

Discover Route 97

Unleash your sense of wanderlust as you head out on our highways, trails, and byways. Discover what’s around the next bend, beyond the highest mountain — at the end of the winding river. Experience the freedom of exploring the ancestral trails of our indigenous people as you tour the Cascade Corridor from the epic road trip known as — Route 97.


This is Route 97 



Learn about the joint partnership between North Central Washington and the Thompson Okanagan and why you should add Route 97 to your road trip bucket list.


Information on where to stay, road conditions, weather, crossing the border, and so much more.


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