A Joint Partnership 


Route 97 is one of the longest north-south highways in North America. It extends from Weed, California through Oregon and Washington before crossing the Canadian border into British Columbia. It becomes the Alaska Highway in Dawson Creek, BC, before concluding in Watson Lake, Yukon. Route 97 stretches 4,130 km (2,566 mi) through the semi-arid desert, interior rainforest, golden grasslands, mountain ranges and urban centres, making for a scenic journey north to Alaska.

Anchored in the east by the Columbia Mountain Range and in the west by the Cascade Range, the Columbia Cascades of Route 97 is a diverse section of the highway where lakes and rivers connect sagebrush desert to valley peaks.

From Wenatchee, Washington to Cache Creek, British Columbia, Route 97 is a partnership between three Indigenous Nations, North Central Washington and the Thompson Okanagan, British Columbia, inspiring exploration along this paramount Canada-United States corridor.

Explore the landmarks and traditional ways of life of the Interior Salish people against a staggering natural backdrop.

Traditionally, Route 97 was an ancestral trail that ran through Washington and British Columbia. Indigenous people have used this trail for thousands of years, unencumbered by the political borders that exist today. Throughout the Columbia Cascades of Route 97, you’ll find three Nations: Nlaka’pamux, Okanagan (Syilx) and Secwepemc, each with their own unique dialects, traditions, histories and stories.

Though distinct and varied, the three Nations all have one thing in common: A deep and profound connection with the elements, especially the mountains, forests, rivers and wildlife that call this land home.

Embrace the ancient art forms that tell stories of generations past. Tour the kekulis (pit houses) and sweat lodges, or enjoy delicious wine at Indigenous-owned vineyards and wineries. Immerse yourself in a culture deeply woven into the fabric of the destination.

Lose yourself in an unforgettable travel experience.

Beyond Route 97, there is so much to uncover. Take a road trip through the Canadian Rockies, various wine regions or embrace history whilst exploring ghost towns and stories untold. Plan a trip that sparks your curiosity.

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